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December 18th 7-8pm TSN 1260 Krush “Stuff Your Stocking”.  We practically do your shopping for you!   There will be 3 “Stuff Your Stocking” Prizes! Get in on the action 3 different ways:   1) Twitter: @jeffkrush or @craigmoonen 2) Facebook: Krush Performance 3) Text the show on the 18th between 7-8pm: 101260   Just […]

Christmas gifts


Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the Athlete!

By Craig “Moo” Moonen  Well the season of giving is once again upon us, and you are no doubt panicking about what to get.  Well if you have an athlete on your list or just lover of cool stuff, I am here to toss you a couple bones once again!  Now I can’t vouch for […]

#1 – Krush Top 5 Gifts for Athletes

My Number one gift for the athlete this season : The GoPro Hero! Be a Hero and seriously consider this as one of your gift ideas for the athlete on your list this season. There are a number of models to choose from and they all have a very high “cool factor” but check out […]



#2 – Krush Top 5 Gifts for Athletes

Massage: You might not think of a massage as a Christmas gift idea but if you have an athlete on your list a massage will get top rankings as a great gift and not only with the athletes. When it comes to sport recovery is king and massage is one of the more powerful tools used […]

#3 – Krush Top 5 Gifts for Athletes

Number 3 Garmin GPS Systems: This gift is fit for anyone on your list this holiday season. For the Golfer, Runner, Cyclist or Athlete in training this is another great gift that not only makes good sense it adds a fun factor to the workouts. There are so many applications in sport and a number of product […]



#4 – Krush Top 5 Gifts for Athletes

Number 4 Tacx i-Genius: For the avid cyclist on your list this is maybe the perfect gift but it also ranks up there for any athlete looking to spice up their training program. A marriage of gaming and training the Tacx wind training system is a ton of fun and once you get it down […]

Krush Top 5 Gifts for Athletes – Honourable Mention

Honorable Mention: TRX Suspension Trainer The TRX actually ranks very high on my list and I have to mention it here as it could easily be a Top 5 Gift on any given day. In fact, if the list were based purely on function and application to sport performance and athlete development the TRX may very […]


Eat and Run

#5 – Krush Top 5 Gifts for Athletes

It’s the time for giving once again and it can be a daunting task, the shopping, the crowds but most of all finding that perfect gift to give. The classic Gift Card is a natural selection for when you can’t seem to come up with that great gift idea and though I do truly appreciate a good Gift […]