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Hi I’m Jeff Krushell, the founder of Krush Performance. I'm glad you're checking the site out because if you're here you're probably looking for some answers or maybe some interesting stuff to think about. Either way, I'm right there with you - I have questions and I want answers!!! Krush Performance is based on finding answers to questions and solutions to problems. I tell all the people I work with if we don't have the answers we know someone who does and if we don't we'll damn well find them! And it’s true, for 30 years I have been involved in the world of high performance sport and one of the very cool things about that world is the incredible community of high performing people. From the pro athletes and MVP's to top business executives, world class coaches, sport scientists, psychologists, scouts and talent identification experts, high powered agents, nutritionists, recovery and regeneration specialists to the technology masterminds and the researchers who dig as hard as we do for answers and all of the great people who make it possible for that world go around.

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I started out my career as a strength and conditioning coach and I soon realized that the physical side of high performance sport was the easy stuff. We can make you stronger, faster, more agile, more durable, leaner and meaner - all of it - no problem. Then I started to wonder...why then, if it’s so easy, are so few people performing at a high level? And the questions began and they continued, and as time passed questions were asked and answered. Then one day I just stopped and realized I had learned a ton of really cool stuff yet I now had more questions than I started with...its maddening!


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